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The Eye Center of Paducah

While having 20/20 vision is a fit, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your eyes are healthy. That’s why it’s important to schedule an annual eye exam with a qualified eye doctor. Using advanced diagnostic equipment, Dr. Jennifer Gibson and the staff at The Eye Center of Paducah can detect such eye disorders as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome.  Early detection is key to successful treatment of such eye conditions.

When you make an appointment with Dr. Gibson at The Eye Center of Paducah, you’ll experience an eye exam with an optometrist who goes above and beyond what traditional eye doctors typically do for their patients. Whether administering a regular eye exam, fitting contact lenses or assisting customers with selecting the best eyeglasses, Dr. Gibson and her staff of eye care professionals are dedicated to providing the most advanced technology and the most personable customer service available in the industry.

At our office, we never hurry patients in and out of the exam room. We take our patients’ questions seriously. We spend ample time to discuss any concerns they may have about their vision and the suggested method of treatment for any eye disorders that we detect.

While our main concern is making sure our patients can see well and have healthy eyes, we also want them to look good and feel good about their appearance. That’s why the staff at The Eye Center of Paducah spends as much time as needed, speaking to each patient and helping them to find eyeglasses that fit both their style and their budget.

In an age when customer service has become more of a luxury than a reality, we pride ourselves on delivering first-class service to the people who walk through our doors each day. To schedule an appointment with an optometrist at our Paducah, Kentucky location, please call 270.415.5080.